Karen Fiorino 
Clay Lick Creek Pottery



 My studio is located near my home, which is nestled in a corner of the forest, complete with the namesake of my business, Clay Lick Creek. I named my clay studio Clay Lick Creek Pottery after the name of the creek that flows across the land where I live. Nature inspires me, from the smallest to the largest of creatures: from the colors of geological formations to the colors of the sunrise and sunset. The critters I live with inspire me as well—two dogs, two cats and many chickens. Add to that a little bit of my quirky humor and what transpires is a palette of vibrant, joyful and whimsical designs that come to life on my pottery. Working with clay is like a dance, there is a rhythm for each movement and a time for each gesture, and I have learned the rhythms of the clay and how the environment effects my pottery's creation. I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind works of art that can be used in the home, and I hope that the positive energy I put into my work manifests itself in the lives of people who purchase my pottery for their own use or as gifts. 

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